25. 2. 2020   

Chronic Diseases Prevention Review (Online ISSN: 2158-0820)

Current Issue

Vol.4  No.13

Article: Review of the Research on the Evaluation of Capitation
by  Nianli Xing, XiaoYing Jiang
Chronic Diseases Prevention Review 2020 4(13) 1-8; published online  January 2020
Abstract:  To summarize and comparatively analyze the implementation effect of capitation in different countries or regions.Using "capitation" as keywords, the literature was searched in PubMed, CNKI, and Wanfang, and the effects of the capitation were summarized. The evaluation of the effect of the current research on capitation mainly includes four aspects: medical expenses, utilization of health services, quality of health services, and satisfaction. Due to the different characteristics of different capitation projects, the evaluation of the effect of capitation is also different. More research is still needed to assess the effectiveness of capitation projects.

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