Notes For Authors

Article Formats

Chronic Diseases Prevention Review publishes two formats of research papers and several other types of articles:
Research Papers
Articles, Reports, Reviews, Minireviews , Letters to the Editor and Other Articles
There is no restriction on the length of the papers. Additional data may be published online as supplementary information at the editors’ discretion.

Submission please contacts the editorial office at
Cover Letter
Each submission should be accompanied by a cover letter, which should contain a brief explanation of what was previously known, the conceptual advance provided by the findings, and the significance of the findings to a broad readership. A cover letter may contain suggestions for appropriate reviewers and up to three requests for reviewer exclusions. The cover letter is confidential to the editor and will not be seen by reviewers.
General Article Organization and Text Specifications
Research papers in Chronic Diseases Prevention Review  generally contain the following sections in this order: Title, Authors, Affiliations, Contact Information, Additional title page Footnotes, Abstract, Introduction, Experimental Procedures, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, References, Figure and Table Legends, Tables and Figures.  The text should be provided as one document, which may also contain the Tables.  Figures should be provided separately. Supplemental Data should be provided separately.
Gene symbols should be italicized; protein products of the loci are not italicized. Nonstandard abbreviations should be defined when first used in the text. Use of abbreviations should be kept at a minimum. Manuscript file types that we can accept for submission include Word. Required items differ for each article type and are specified during the submission process.
Please note that the text should be double spaced and pages should be numbered. Although summaries need to be entered as text files separate from the body of the manuscript during the online submission process, they should also be included within the manuscript file as usual.
Manuscripts that do not conform to the format guidelines may be returned to the authors for reformatting.

Acceptable Image Formats for Online Submission

Acceptable formats include the following:

    • TIFF (.tif)

    • Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)

    • Portable Document File (.pdf)

    • JPEG (.jpg) – use maximum quality

Please note that we cannot accept Adobe Illustrator, Canvas, or Freehand, files for online submission through Elsevier Editorial System. In addition, we strongly urge that you convert figures from Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPont formats to PDF.
For more detailed information and help creating figures, please see following:

TIFF Files (.tif)
TIFF is our preferred format.
Encapsulated Postscript Files (.eps)
As with all vector files (Adobe Illustrator, etc.), when saving as .eps, please be sure to embed all fonts or convert to outlines or paths.
Postscript Files (.ps)
There are many different drawing programs, not all of them supported by the software we use. From almost all of these programs, you should be able to produce a postscript file. When printing, select to print to a (postscript) file, rather than printing by default to a printer. The image must be in portrait orientation. Please be sure to embed all fonts when you save as postscript.
Resolution Requirements
For black and white photographs or micrographs and for any type of graph or drawing in grayscale, the resolution of your file should be a minimum of 500 dpi. For figures that contain color, the resolution should be a minimum of 300 dpi. Please note that figures should meet these resolution numbers at their approximate print sizes.
Color Images
We encourage authors to use colors that can be distinguished by color-blind readers. Please submit your figures in RGB or grayscale—do not convert your files to CMYK. This will optimize their appearance online. However, please be aware that we will convert to CMYK for the print version. If possible, embed the ICC profile.

Submit your paper by email:

Yuour manucript must according to the Template