Cancer Cell Research (Online ISSN: 2161-2609)

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Vol.10  No.39

Article: A case report of colon neuroendocrine carcinoma complicated with bone metastasis
by Zhikang Mo, Min Wei
Cancer Cell Research 2023 10(39) 908-911; published online  15 December 2023
Abstract: Most of the previous literature on neuroendocrine carcinoma mainly comes from the study of small cell lung cancer, and the research data of colon neuroendocrine carcinoma is very little. This paper reports a case of colon neuroendocrine carcinoma complicated with bone metastasis. The patient complained of right abdominal pain and distension without obvious cause, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and reduced frequency of stool. The initial colonoscopy and pathological examination indicated poorly differentiated ascending colon cancer. Neuroendocrine carcinoma of the colon (NEC) with bone metastasis was diagnosed after a further pathological consultation.

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Article: Collagen expression alterations and the clinical pathology significance in stroma following neoadjuvant chemotherapy of Taxotere in Breast Cancer
by Qingyu Cui, Ying Wang, Hua Kang
Cancer Cell Research 2023 10(39) 912-917; published online  15 December 2023
Abstract: The quantitative alterations of collagen expression in the context of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and the relationship between it and chemotherapy effectiveness of clinic and pathology are investigated in this article. Seventy-one patients with breast cancer in general surgery department during January 2018 to February 2022, were enrolled and evaluated. Thirty-one of which received neoadjuvant chemotherapy, the others are not which are chosen as control. All the clinical and pathological information was collected. Pathological responses to neoadjuvant chemotherapy were performed on the basis of the Miller-Payne (MP) criteria, by which the efficiency and inefficiency of chemotherapy outcome was discriminated. The expression of collagen proteins was quantitatively evaluated by using morphometric analysis of Masson Trichrome Staining.The expression levels of collagen in breast cancer’s extracellular matrix after neoadjuvant chemotherapy were up-regulated significantly, Compared with non-treated group.Collagen expressions in breast cancer ’s extracellular matrix were affected by neoadjuvant chemotherapy. And it will provided more theoretical basis for improving the efficacy of Taxotere chemotherapy in breast cancer in the future.

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